Thing #1: Coconut Jelly Mask

Seasons Greetings…let’s begin the season ooffffff thingggssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!

My first thing is these weird coconut masks, and the lucky recipient is Meg from Alexandria, VA. I first discovered these beauties on a trip to Vietnam two years ago and I absolutely fell in love. They are super hydrating, and have an additional perk that you can look like this. They smell slightly strange but I think that’s just what you get when you plop a gelatinous coconut on your face!

Sadly, they are very hard to get in the US. Sometimes they will pop up on Amazon, but not consistently. After becoming extremely ill in Hong Kong earlier this year, the one shining beacon of the whole ordeal was that I was forced to rebook my transit with a layover in Hanoi, and could load up on jelly masks.

I’ve looked in to ordering them in bulk through Alibaba, so there might be A LOT masks coming my way soon.

TIP: Are you going on a flight over 10 hours? Bring a sheet mask. And do it ON THE PLANE. Sure…you’ll look strange but your skin will thank you. Oh, and I wouldn’t use these coconut masks on a plane (they are VERY drippy…try these instead).