Thing 4: The Shop

Today is Black Friday. So, we shall celebrate Black excellence (I know that isn’t how this works; we should celebrate it every day).

LeBron James. I am a LeBron stan through and through. King James and I both grew up in the Cleveland area at the same time, and while that certainly contributes to my affinity,  my Bron love is based on so many different things. I don’t care that he left Cleveland (twice), I do care that he is smart and handsome. And funny. And a great human. And you should definitely follow him on Instagram.

So what is today’s thing? LeBron recently debuted a show called The Shop on HBO. Only two episodes in, it is an original look at sports, all told through conversations in barbershops across America. Famously told to shut up and dribble, LeBron has used his platform to create a show that gives audiences an engaging and honest look at the too-often ignored human side of athletics; including race, fame, family, work, and so many more topics. Plus, episode two is in DC and features Drake!

Isaac in Stoneham, MA has been gifted my HBOgo password to watch The Shop and any other HBO shows that suit his viewing needs.

TIP: Many airport hotels have day passes to their gym facilities. These include showers, and sometimes pools. I guess you could even workout too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Always double check in advance, and don’t be afraid to tweet/call if you hear rumblings on the internet but can’t confirm on the website. These can be a lifesaver (ok not life, but mood) on layovers, especially if there are not adequate or open lounges. My personal favorite is at ARN.