Lucky Number Seven

I fly a lot. I’m also a double California almond: the thirstiest creature in the entire world. Sometimes the combo of these things is a bit of a struggle. Enter my favorite product for skin hydration: Kiehl’s Hydrating Mist. I originally came to today’s product when it was branded as In-Flight Refreshing Facial Mist, with a little airplane motif and everything! Sadly, it has been rebranded, but it’s the same formula, and luckily there’s still an air travel-friendly size.

Even when you’re flying on a 787 or an A350, lack of cabin humidity can wreck havoc on your skin. A quick spritz of this can perk your dry, tired face right up. Plus, you can do it at your seat without much disturbance. It’s a non-aersol spray, so there is no need to worry about cleaning your (probably) dirty hands to apply moisturizer, and a simple covering with a scarf or shirt will keep the spray entirely contained in your personal zone.  The smell is also very refreshing.

And you don’t have to limit the spray just to travel! Use whenever you need to top up your moisture levels, or just need a little essential oil pep talk.

Brian from NYC is the lucky recipient of today’s Thing! Happy, hydrated travels, Brian!

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