11 Beans of Jelly

Everyone knows Jelly Belly. They’ve taken jelly beans from occasional Easter treat to year round supermarket candy aisle extravaganza. My personal favorites are the sours. They are readily available and you get a variety of flavors without any bad ones (looking at you, buttered popcorn and chocolate pudding). But I am also here to evangelize for the cantaloupe beans. These fuckers are delicious. If you disagree, you are wrong.

Both favorites will soon arrive at the Kids Table commune, as they already know because FedEx is trash. Watermelon ones are good too.

TIP:  This is the time of year to buy sunglasses. Go to Nordstrom Rack and just buy all of the sunglasses. They’re almost always super discounted in winter. But there’s still sun! Unless you live in Cleveland…😎


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