Dozen: Tights

I love tights (and bread). For years I overpaid for tights that were quickly ruined by all sorts of things. And then some listicle turned me on to these. And they are great, but you don’t have to take my word for it! Here are some highlights from the Amazon posting:

  • These stylish fishnet tights have the most desired hollow out jacquard patterns voted by thousands of loyal Vero Monte fans (hahaha)
  • They tend to look better on your legs than in the product photos. (truth)
  • The quality, the style, and the classic color make these fishnet tights perfect for your wardrobe collection. (sure thing)
  • These fishnet tights are the best bets of Vero Monte for Fall & Winter 2018.
    Competitors may look similar to Vero Monte, but definitely not the same quality nor the exact patterns as Vero Monte. (don’t be fooled!)

Plus- they are under $4 a pair. And I am sure Maite in Houston will enjoy hers 🙂

TIP: Use IKEA bags at Costco and basically everywhere else. The giant reusable bags make carrying big, boxy things easy.

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