Thing Fourteen

Today, we’re talking about feet. Technically, yesterday since this post is a day late. But your girl has been busy. Feet. Most of us have them, many of us neglect them.

It’s so easy to let your feet turn to a calloused, dry mess. Especially during the winter months. But winter is the perfect time to find your best feet ever. And turns out- they are directly under your regular feet. You just need to shed like a snake first. Get thee a foot peel, like the one Steph in San Francisco now has.

I highly recommend soaking your feet for 20-30 minutes in water before doing a foot peel, and then soaking every few days after. It will really help the shedding. If you have a shower tub, you can even just plug that up while showering to save time. You won’t see results for a few days; but around day 3 – 6, you will start to shed like crazy. Definitely strategize your timing, and also wear socks everywhere.  I try and peel every 4-5 months.

I first tried the original Baby Foot right before I went to Santiago, Chile last year. I’ve had a lifelong obsession with the Panama Canal, and took the opportunity to do a 24 hour connection through Panama City to behold the engineering marvel. At a brand new hotel in Panama (it only opened two days before my arrival), I was enjoying sitting on the deck after a rooftop swim, when I looked down to see the unholy sight of my shedding feet. I was horrified and wrapped them in towels and scuffled back to my room where I privately viewed my transformation. Basically, don’t go in pools or hot tubs during days 3 – 8. And I repeat: wear socks.

TIP: For the best at home, bootleg pedicure ever, paint your toes a few hours before bed. Don’t worry about staying on the nails, just go nutso. Your morning shower and some light rubbing will leave you with perfectly painted nails. Don’t paint them too close to bedtime or you’ll wake up with polish covered in fibers.

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