Thing 19

Exfoliation…we’ve discussed it before, and will probably discuss it again! It’s super important for keeping your skin looking excellent. I don’t remember how I learned about Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine cloths, but I am grateful for whatever that was.

This is my go-to on-the-go exfoliant product. You can toss a few in a Ziploc and be ready to go anywhere…WITHOUT using room in your liquids bag! I do also use them at home because they are awesome.

Each cloth is a little pocket, with one side being slightly textured, while the other is smooth. You should use the textured side first, and follow-up with the smooth side after. If you know the fine fortified wine product Manischewitz Concord Grape, then you will be ready for the smell of these. And smell like Passover all year round.  Congrats to Erin, who will be a wino face in no time.

TIP: There are a lot of wines out there, but finding the right ones for your palate can be fairly easy: just take notes about the grape varietal, region, and flavor profiles of wines you enjoy, and then use these to buy bottles in your price range. The notes app on your phone is your best friend here. Cost isn’t always an indicator of quality.