I love sweaters. And cardigans. And wearing bags on my body. And sometimes all of these things lead to pilling and bobbling. Suddenly, something nice is covered in fuzz nuggets. Which suuuuucks. But, that is where Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver comes in. This lil’ workhorse keeps your clothing, throw pillows, carpet AND drapes, and other things looking like new. Keep the cash in cashmere: shave your fabrics.¬†Go slow, take your time…it’s worth it.

I keep one at home and one at my desk at work. You just never know! Andrew in Oakland will soon be in the Sweater Shavers Club.

TIP: Dr. Bronner’s is an excellent travel product. While I am not sure there are even 19 different ways to use soap, I frequently use it to sink wash garments, and also as a body and face wash. The containers the travel size soap comes in are also excellent. When empty, I use the bottles for other liquid personal care travel toiletries because they are better (and cheaper; plus free soap) than most other 2-3 oz bottles out there. Find the travel Bronner at Target, REI, and many other retailers.

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