Thing 25

Well, we’re back to skincare! Everything you try to do to get nice skin is worthless unless you protect it. You have two options. 1) Never, ever go outside. 2) Never, ever go outside without sunscreen.

I would choose #2. Sunscreen is soooo important, especially if you are doing anti-aging or exfoliating routines. You are basically telling your skin “give me the pretty baby skin cells” constantly and you MUST protect the baby cells. Your daily moisturizer with SPF 15 is not a solution. Ok, it is a solution, and if you are truly only going from vehicle to building and it is not a highly sunny day and you live far from the equator, fine. But for everything else, you need to up that a lot. Especially if you are white.

So what is one to do?! Well, add a sunscreen! For days where I am doing exactly what I described above, I typically wear a BB cream with SPF 42. But if I am doing *anything* else, including one happy hour on a shady patio, or biking to work, or walking the mile from the metro stop instead of taking the bus, I use Supergoop. I start off with their Everyday Sunscreen on my face, neck, and hands (for my body, I typically use this).

But today’s Thing is what I use to reapply…because y’all…you need to reapply. You cannot just put on sunscreen at 8 am and expect to go out at 6 pm all protected. But what if you already have a full face on? What if you can’t wash your hands? What if you’re in a rush? Come at me, SuperGoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist. Though the description champions the setting powers, what it is actually perfect for is allowing you to refresh your sunscreen coverage at all times. There are also a variety of friendly sizes, as Lauren in Maryland will soon discover with her travel size bottle.

TIP: You’re not wearing enough sunscreen. Please buy more and apply it often.