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We’re drinking thing legal, y’all…and so we’re here to talk about alcohol. (Let’s pretend the delay on this was due to excessive celebrations?) Most of you know that I love a fermented or distilled beverage. I have a very broad range of favorites, from bourbon (I tend to favor less wheat-y selections with vanilla notes) to beer (sour, dark, crisp, usually anything but super malty brews, but anything can change my mind) to gin (the more herbal the better) and beyond. But today we’re talking about wine, specifically sparkling wine.

I’m always down for bubbles. But sometimes, you don’t want to drink a full  750 ml bottle…or maybe you just want something more portable. Enter the Sofia Blanc de Blacs Minis. These adorable cans are perfect for drinking on the go, or when you just need a glass (or two…and not four). Now also available in a brut rosé, these cans have been a favorite of mine for years.

On the pricier side of what I normally pay for wine, they are definitely worth it for the mix of taste and convenience. But, if you want to go with something anyone can drink at any occasion and budget, Trader Joe’s recently debuted a similar canned wine product. Definitely lower quality, but at 1/6th the price, what can you expect…they are still fun and delicious. Canned wine is now everywhere, and some is worth your time, some is not. But I hope that Aimee in Queens will agree with me on the Sofia.

TIP: A little sparkling wine explainer: traditional sparkling wines are carbonated from secondary fermentation in the bottle. Wine is bottled, often with additional yeast and sugar. As the yeast cells consume the sugar, carbon dioxide is produced, giving you those fun and delicious bubbles. There are a few other processes used to produce sparkling wine, which you can read about here. A brief overview of some common varieties is below:

Blanc de Blancs– used to designate sparkling wines made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes
Cava– white or rosé sparkling wines from the Catalonian region of Spain*
Champagne–  from the Champagne region of France
Cap Classique (MCC)-traditionally produced South African sparkling wines
Lambrusco- Italian sparkling red wines, secondarily fermented in stainless steel tanks
Prosecco- Italian wines (usually sparkling) secondarily fermented in stainless steel tanks

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