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So after yesterday’s booze, we must hydrate. I mentioned in Thing 7 that I am a double California almond. My thirst is not just limited to my skin, but also my actual hydration. I drink so much…and you should too. Not only is it good for your skin, sleep, and organs, it also helps your brain!

Water in the United States is completely safe to drink (almost everywhere), and yet, bottled water consumption is still off the charts. While I do buy a bottle sometimes when there are no other options, I try to be prepared with my watersac- the HydraPak Seeker 2L. This thing is almost weightless (empty lol), and can be condensed into something that fits anywhere. It also has never leaked and is easy to clean. Sid in San Francisco will see soon.

What I use my sac for the most is air travel. Even if I am in a premium cabin, if the flight is over 4 hours, I make sure to fill this up at the airport (from a water fountain, dispenser in the lounge, or even a larger bottle if I am in a place with unsafe tap water). If you have to ask for every 6-8 oz of water, you just won’t drink enough. There is no specific answer on how much water you should drink, but for myself, I try and consume a liter of water for every 4 hours of flight.

TIP: For long flights, there are almost always drinks and snacks you can grab from the gallery, and if there are not, just ask! It’s also a good excuse to get up and avoid that DVT.

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