Thing Thicc 26

So, I am a vegetarian. And I am busy. And sometimes a girl just needs protein on the go. Enter my very favorite emergency food product: the Think Thin High Protein Bar. Here at Abbey’s Favorite Things, we are all about body positivity, so I prefer to call these Think Thicc bars. But with so much protein, no sugar, and a taste that you can actually deal with, they are my go to. I tend to buy the bars at Trader Joe’s or Target. I find that you can also reliably buy the bites at CVS  and Target.

I’ve never been wowed by the brand’s High Protein/Fiber combo bars, oatmeal, smoothies, or other products.  For me (individual results may vary), the high protein bars are the bees knees. Brownie Crunch, both peanut butter varieties, and Chocolate Fudge are my preferred flavors. Pam in Florida will soon be protein boosted, and hopefully find her favorite too.

TIP: There are so many good vegetarian/vegan holiday recipes out there. My favorite guide is here.