Thing 29

I have very thin, fine hair, and wear bangs most of the time. I also live in a sweaty climate for at least 6 months of the year.  Before dry shampoo came along, you would too often find me attempting to wash my bangs in some museum sink. Bless you, dry shampoo. All dry shampoos are not equal. In a pinch, I’ll take whatever is around, but I try and be prepared.

A few years ago, I discovered amika’s dry shampoo through Birchbox. It’s the bees knees. Though I am very blonde, and the white residue left by inferior products isn’t as apparent on my hair, I still want a product that disappears. Amika does that for me. Plus it smells great. Hopefully Isabelle in Tulsa agrees!

TIP: Remember the TSA is limiting powders now. I used to default to a powdered dry shampoo if my liquids bag was bursting at the seams, but now, thats out too.