Cleveland takes a lot of crap. But I will remind all you fine people that Cleveland has given you some of the best there is across multiple genres, from the Cleveland Orchestra to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to LeBron.  Another Cleveland treasure is one of the OGs of the craft beer world: Great Lakes Brewing Company.

And there is no better GLBC beer than their Christmas Ale. I would venture to say there is no better Christmas Ale than the Great Lakes Christmas Ale. You can check to see if they distribute to your area here.

On Monday, I fly to Cleveland for Christmas and my very first stop will be to secure myself a fresh six pack. My family can wait; this beer cannot. Jacob in Jersey City is probably sipping on a cold one presently.

TIP: Always look up the tipping culture before traveling to a new country, and stop at an airport ATM to make sure you are ready to start tipping accordingly. And err on the generous side. If you can afford to travel, you can probably afford to tip a little extra.

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