Thing 4: Meg by Hand

I really, really love jewelry. A closet full of gold and diamonds may appeal to some because it is a status symbol with monetary value, but my desire is for wearable art. Meg by Hand delivers just that. As taken from her website:

Meg makes jewelry to be worn and enjoyed. Her process-driven exploration leads her to create artful jewelry often emulating fine detail in nature. Her signature technique involves making hundreds of tiny pieces to arrange in delicate compositions. The resulting jewelry feels like clusters of seeds, leaves and grasses. 

When you buy Meg’s jewelry (or other professional art/fine craft items), you’re not just getting a necklace or a pair of earrings; you’re purchasing a one-of-a-kind, quality piece of art. It’s almost magical knowing every tiny element was made by one person—from inspiration to design to creation. And the story doesn’t begin with your piece; one person spent years (often their entire professional life!) building the skills required to make it. I truly connect better to jewelry made by a person rather than a machine. Additionally, buying from artists puts more money into local communities, and is almost always better for the planet. 

Meg is switching things up in her business, so now is the time to check out what she has in stock! A pair of her soft shape silver studs arrived at Lauren’s house in Maryland today. 


🎁 Tiny creative business 

🚺 Woman owned