Thing 14: The USPS

So, the Postal Service is having A Very 2020 Time: leadership sabotage, an increase in tens of millions of mail ballots, and extreme mail and package surges (amid staff shortages) that enable us all to get the things we need during this pandemic. And don’t forget- the employees who make the mail happen are real people impacted by Covid-19!

Ok so we all love the post office, but I thought the focus was on small businesses? Bear with me. So, so many small businesses rely on USPS. Without affordable and reliable rates, many small business owners would be unable to ship their products. Plus, they provide free boxes and mailers for Priority and Express Mail services. If you’re an Abbey’s Favorite Things participant this year, your package probably came by USPS. And if you’re waiting on an item, it may be delayed. That’s ok! An unprecedented amount of mail!!! Side note: I am only worried about one item…because it is alive 😬

The USPS also provides opportunities for small businesses in other ways. Let’s take a look at the stamps that Georgia, temporarily in Yonkers, will receive. The Innovation stamps were released in August of 2020. Some stamp info:

Five new stamps in a pane of 20 celebrate the American spirit of innovation, specifically in fields in which U.S. scientists and engineers have made significant contributions that have touched lives around the world: computing, biomedicine, genome sequencing, robotics, and solar technology.

Each stamp design features a photograph of a subject representing one of these five fields: Computing (detail of a circuit board), Biomedicine (immune-system cells), Genome Sequencing (detail of a DNA chromatogram), Robotics (a bionic ankle-foot prosthesis), and Solar Technology (detail of a square solar cell). The word INNOVATION is laid over each of the images. Each of the pane’s four rows includes all five stamps, arranged differently in each row to add visual interest. Art director Antonio Alcalá designed the stamps, choosing a detail of an existing photograph for each. 

Antonio Alcalá is part of an Alexandria VA based design firm, Studio A. Artists and designers are commissioned to design stamps, providing work to small businesses! So buy some stamps, send some mail, and enjoy the journey. Maybe wait until next year though—they’re pretty busy right now. But do consider a holiday tip or gift for your mail carrier!