Thing 15: Plaaaaants 🌱

If you only know two things about me, they are probably that I love pandas and plants. Some of you may throw art into the mix, and that’s fair. A proud plant mom for many years, I can never have enough plants. And I’m not even necessarily even ~*good*~ with plants, but they bring me so much joy. I currently have 28 plants, and would be happy to have 128 more. You can always make more room for plants. 

Indoor plants make your space look better, and provide personality. They also can heighten your mood, increase creativity, reduce stress, and improve air quality. You don’t need a green thumb either; look for plants that don’t require a lot of attention such as aloe vera, cast iron, Christmas cactus, Dumb cane family, bamboo, or Mass cane. Sometimes we are wooed by a beautiful plant that ends up being more high maintenance than dating a Virgo.

There has been a great rise in small business plant shops, including ones that ship! Definitely check your local area first, but I want to shout out Rooted. They’ve got a great “Find Your Plant” quiz, easy to comprehend resources, and offer free shipping anywhere in the United States. Liz in NYC is getting a Philodendron ‘Little Hope’ from them today! If you’re in DC, check out Little Leaf. And everyone should follow PlantKween


🌎 Planet Friendly

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