Thing 20: Masks

It’s definitely a year for masks. Wear a mask to protect others and yourself. The CDC has a lot of mask guidance for coronavirus, and I honestly look forward to mask wearing being more normalized when people are sick for years to come. If you’re running low, there are lots of small businesses making masks. If you don’t know anyone locally, just search Etsy!

And even though we spend all our time hiding our face, you still need to take care of your skin. Enter a different mask; the skincare mask. I am sort of obsessed with skincare, and love to give my face a special treat. Meet Onå, which means “she” in Slavic languages. Onå is a skin care line made without sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial coloring, dimethicone, mineral oil, or phthalates, so it is perfect for any skin type.

I may have been charmed by their masks originally due to the branding (hello airplane), but I kept using them because they make my face feel incredible. The gold shimmer feels extremely regal and special too. Megan in Lakewood has an Airplane Mode and a Spotlight mask coming her way this week.

Mask up, stay safe. And give your face a treat too.

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