Thing 2: A little stitching

Two of my 2021 resolutions were 1) do activities I enjoy even if I am bad at them and 2) more non-screen things. My first foray into goal 1 led to avatar Abbey running around the virtual MIT campus attempting to help her team solve hundreds of impossible puzzles. But my first great goal 1 & 2 crossover was to stitch a tiny thing every week. If you’re reading this, you probably have seen my chubby little thread birbs. One each week—reporting in with 44 done; 8 to go!

Cross-stitch is not hard, nevertheless, I remain not very good at it. I am slow and sometimes bad at counting, yet find it really fun and relaxing…relax with needles, says I. For 2021, a year awful, and so much better, and entirely unpredictable, these manageable small birds really spoke to me. I got the pattern as a PDF from Etsy seller TinyCrossStitchCo. They have an awesome selection of projects great for beginners and pros alike, and fitting for almost anyone’s interests. 

Don’t see something you like? Search the internet more broadly! There are patterns for every possible thing you may want to stitch now, plus a whole world of embroidery past the world of Xs. I found Embroidery Central a great resource for my supplies past a generic kit.

Shayna, citizen of the globe and fellow Sagittarius, will be getting the embroidery supplies pictured here as well as some plant patterns to explore the fabulous world of stitching.