Thing 11: Honey from a local (sometimes unusual!) source

Bees!!! ? ? ? ? ?

Beekeeping is more popular than ever in urban areas. From hobbyists to academic programs and everywhere in betweenbees!!! And with bees comes honey. I love small batch, local honey where the bees are super cultured. Local honey has health benefits and they people who care for local hives tend to have immense respect for how the bees are treated too

I jumped to get a jar when the Whitney sold honey harvested from the bees that live on their roof in artist-designed ceramic containers; picked some up during a trip to Salt Lake City a few years ago from the apiary on the rooftop of the main library, and I have purchased from multiple DC groups too (DC Bee, Second Story Honey). 

So when Congressional Cemetery emailed me about Rest in Bees, the honey made from the cemetery hives, I was all over that. This was also the first time a Favorite Thing went in reverse order. Janet, from the great state of Michigan, wanted some of the Rest in Bees honey but didn’t live locally anymore. After I offered to get her some, I then decided it would be perfect for Favorite Things so this jar is on the house!