Thing 12: Tip Top!

Prepackaged cocktails are both a boon and a scourge. So many are sooooo bad, but they ARE very convenient for going places (illicitly drinking in parks, camping, tubing, etc.). Tip Top comes through for me here. They are delicious, tiny, and come in the most recyclable material- aluminum cans. Plus, a fancy giraffe mascot!

Delta has started offering the Tip Top old fashioned and the margarita on board certain flights. But more importantly, the most prominent liquor store in Grand Central also sells them. These little beauties are PERFECT for trains. Drink straight, pour over ice, or as I recommend with the margarita, add a splash of your own seltzer water. 

I am currently writing this while drinking these on a train. And I could ask for no better feeling. Tara in Arlington will be getting a hand delivery of two margaritas, two old fashioned, and two manhattans. If you live in CO, FL, GA, NY, SC, or TX you can find them in store. Otherwise, you can order them online.