Thing 14: Woolzies Essential Oil Blends

Olfaction is the sense most tied to both emotion and memory. Though when I think about it too much I get flashbacks of that bananas movie about the man who liquefied women to turn them into perfumes (also a book but I never read it). I think it ended in an orgy? I digress…but smells are powerful!

This year I started using essential oils to add some good smells to my life. I love so many of the Woolzies blends. You can use them with their wool dryer balls, or in a diffuser, or as I do—on your body. My favorite use is to add a few drops to an unscented moisturizer. 

The after sun blend is one of my go to scents these days, but I adore using the sleep blends at night. An evening bath with a few drops in the tub or a little in some lotion on my hands, legs, feet helps induce a relaxing and calm sleep atmosphere. And as a chronic insomniac, I utilize any tool I can find.

Zach in Pittsburgh gets the Sleep Collection (Sweet Dreams, Relax and Stress Relief blends ) to try and improve his quest for better zzzzz’s.