Thing 15: CORSX Snail Mucin ?

Put this snail stuff on your face and glow like a TikTok star. I’ve championed CORSX products before and they remain one of my go to brands (I buy most of my K Beauty products here). I use a small amount every day after cleansing in the morning and follow it with other serums, sunscreen, and then moisturizer.

Ok so the snails—are they…ok? For CORSX products, snails are placed over a mesh net in a dark and quiet room (perfect for nocturnal lil’ guys). The snails freely roam the mesh for about 30 minutes, leaving mucin in their trails.

Throughout the process, there is no external stress applied to the snails or the mesh net to force mucin production. Optimal production occurs when snails are well-rested and comfortable in their habitat, which is why mucin collectors try their best to make sure that the snails are healthy and comfortable. Basically, the snails have a job. It’s capitalism, so still sad, but I have a job too ?. As does Karina in LA, whose skin was already always glowing, but even more so now with her bottle of ?.