Thing 20: Ticket to Ride App

Let me clarify something by saying that despite my nerd pedigree, I am not really a board game person. There are a few I like a lot, and I will always try new things, but so often board games are like woodworking: the set-up and rule learning takes an egregious amount of time and I am ready for a new activity by the time the game is going to begin. One of the games I like is Ticket to Ride…mostly because it is about trains. And the app is a spectacular way to play. 

Now I will clarify something else: the app is a spectacular way to play but it is not a spectacular app; it is a little glitchy and if you get logged out god help you, but the hard parts about playing a board game are solved by the digital version. Plus, you can play with friends and strangers around the world, as I did every Friday night for over a year. It’s not a free game but it really is worth the $6.99 on the App store or Google Play. If you have a tablet, I highly recommend using it to play over a phone if you can. Stephanie in SF gets a gifted version of the app and also has gets to play with me!!!