Thing 21: The Final Thing—Art, yet again

You can afford to purchase amazing and unique art from living artists. Yes, you. If you are reading this I guarantee you that it is true. Art can be an investment at any budget but don’t let news stories about Picasso and Basquiat works selling for millions of dollars at auction make you feel like your only options are blank walls or Pottery Barn. 

When you buy a piece of art you are purchasing so much more than something for your walls or shelves; you are investing in the creative economy and the decades of experience that went into creating that piece. It’s a feeling, it’s a vibe…it’s everything. I wrote about local printmakers and clay artists from past years, but get on Google or Instagram and find an artist to support. Jason in New Jersey gets a piece from my collection that I think he’ll really like but he can choose another one if he doesn’t.