Thing 15: Plaaaaants 🌱


If you only know two things about me, they are probably that I love pandas and plants. Some of you may throw art into the mix, and that’s fair. A proud plant mom for many years, I can never have enough plants. And I’m not even necessarily even ~*good*~ with plants, but they bring me so much joy. I currently have 28 plants, and would be happy to have 128 more. You can always make more room for plants. 

Indoor plants make your space look better, and provide personality. They also can heighten your mood, increase creativity, reduce stress, and improve air quality. You don’t need a green thumb either; look for plants that don’t require a lot of attention such as aloe vera, cast iron, Christmas cactus, Dumb cane family, bamboo, or Mass cane. Sometimes we are wooed by a beautiful plant that ends up being more high maintenance than dating a Virgo.

There has been a great rise in small business plant shops, including ones that ship! Definitely check your local area first, but I want to shout out Rooted. They’ve got a great “Find Your Plant” quiz, easy to comprehend resources, and offer free shipping anywhere in the United States. Liz in NYC is getting a Philodendron ‘Little Hope’ from them today! If you’re in DC, check out Little Leaf. And everyone should follow PlantKween


🌎 Planet Friendly

💛 Minority owned

Thing Five: 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻

toilet paper

In another made for 2020 Thing, today we’re going to be talking about toilet paper. Glamorous, right? But important! Turns out, your regular TP can be really bad for the planet. Especially the super soft kinds, which need the wood pulp of old trees to please the tushies of the poop-obsessed cartoon bears

But there’s an alternative, and it’s not a bidet (though if you want one of those, I am all for it; sadly, my building prohibits them). It’s another B word- bamboo! Bamboo is a grass, grows incredibly quickly, requires little water and no pesticides, and can be chopped down multiple times. Plus, it is panda 🐼 approved.

There are a few companies providing direct to consumer subscription toilet paper, but after some research, I decided to join Reel. I’ve been a subscriber since September 2019, and I really do love it. I love the 3 ply paper, the plastic-free packaging, and the fact that I never have to worry about buying toilet paper. A 24 roll box just shows up on my doorstep every 12 weeks. I can move deliveries up if supplies are running low (as I have done twice since the pandemic began and I am home ALL. THE. TIME), or postpone them if my supply runneth over. As an apartment dweller, it’s nice to get a reasonable amount insteading of trying to find room for 188 rolls.

Reel also works with SOIL, a non-profit research and development organization working in Haiti to design, test, and implement sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the sanitation crisis. Ready to not worry about securing your TP stash for the winter rush? Sign-up today! (Note, the Reel links here are my give a friend $5, get $5 referral links). Peri in Columbus Beloved Flavortown received a case in the mail yesterday. 

🌎 Planet Friendly

🖤 Black owned (co-owner)

2020 Intro

woman taking picture in reflective door

2020 has brought us a very unique year, if you can even call it that. We’ve seen events that will define the decade: a global pandemic, unprecedented participation in protests for racial equality, the weirdest, neverending presidential election; and things that confound and mystify: the Utah desert monolith (now Romania? 👀), Ratatouille the TikiTok musical, Four Seasons Total Landscaping…

But here we are in December, though it is also somehow still March. And Abbey’s Favorite Things is back for a very 2020 twenty. My focus will be on small businesses, with an extra shoutout to the things that got me through 2020. The pandemic has impacted the employees and owners of small businesses in absurd ways. Creativity and character provided by small businesses define our neighborhoods, and without them every place would be boring and the same. This is the time (right now) to step up for small businesses: order food, buy a tote bag, like and share posts on social media, write reviews, purchase your holiday gifts. December 21 may be too late. 

I independently chose twenty things to write about. I don’t have sponsors or incentives or discounts—I truly and genuinely love these things and think you may too! 

If you want to know how people were matched with their item:

After soliciting participation on my Instagram story, twenty of my friends will receive one of the daily featured items. Chosen participants filled out a small four question survey about allergies, ear holes, and beverage consumption, which populated a Google spreadsheet. Randomly distributed (by the randomize range function) numbers 1 through 20 were added to the last column, which indicate what gift they will receive. If the gift choice conflicted with the survey questions, the number was bumped down one row (this happened twice). Some of the matches I could not have better paired myself, and others are a bit of a stretch, but that’s life in the free things lane.

The Final 2018 Holiday Thing: 34

So, it is Christmas and I am about to get all sentimental. My final favorite thing is all of you. I truly would be lost without my friends. It is so important to acknowledge, value, and appreciate the family you choose. As a raging extrovert, I need to process almost everything that happens to me with multiple people. Thank you to the friends who listen, gossip, advise, love, challenge, embrace, and push me to be better.

Almost every year, one of my goals is to put more work into my friendships. I look forward to doing so again in 2019.

You are all the best.

Abbey (& Bei Bei)

Panda #9

It’s no Mambo #5; it’s even better. It’s a panda. Pandas bring me, and billions of others, a lot of happiness. They’re cute and needy and they eat like this.

I hadn’t slept with a stuffed animal since I was a child, but in 2015, I found this little guy at IKEA and he’s been in my bed ever since. He is actually Bei Bei, who lives at the National Zoo, but also my actual son. It’s confusing, but makes sense to me. Just enjoy it. Whitney in Alexandria joins the Panda Mom club. 

TIP: You can watch pandas any time on various pandacams. National Zoo, San Diego, and Gengda,