Thing 15: CORSX Snail Mucin ?

Put this snail stuff on your face and glow like a TikTok star. I’ve championed CORSX products before and they remain one of my go to brands (I buy most of my K Beauty products here). I use a small amount every day after cleansing in the morning and follow it with other serums, sunscreen, and then moisturizer.

Ok so the snails—are they…ok? For CORSX products, snails are placed over a mesh net in a dark and quiet room (perfect for nocturnal lil’ guys). The snails freely roam the mesh for about 30 minutes, leaving mucin in their trails.

Throughout the process, there is no external stress applied to the snails or the mesh net to force mucin production. Optimal production occurs when snails are well-rested and comfortable in their habitat, which is why mucin collectors try their best to make sure that the snails are healthy and comfortable. Basically, the snails have a job. It’s capitalism, so still sad, but I have a job too ?. As does Karina in LA, whose skin was already always glowing, but even more so now with her bottle of ?.

Thing 14: Woolzies Essential Oil Blends

Olfaction is the sense most tied to both emotion and memory. Though when I think about it too much I get flashbacks of that bananas movie about the man who liquefied women to turn them into perfumes (also a book but I never read it). I think it ended in an orgy? I digress…but smells are powerful!

This year I started using essential oils to add some good smells to my life. I love so many of the Woolzies blends. You can use them with their wool dryer balls, or in a diffuser, or as I do—on your body. My favorite use is to add a few drops to an unscented moisturizer. 

The after sun blend is one of my go to scents these days, but I adore using the sleep blends at night. An evening bath with a few drops in the tub or a little in some lotion on my hands, legs, feet helps induce a relaxing and calm sleep atmosphere. And as a chronic insomniac, I utilize any tool I can find.

Zach in Pittsburgh gets the Sleep Collection (Sweet Dreams, Relax and Stress Relief blends ) to try and improve his quest for better zzzzz’s.

Thing 9: Tangle Teezer


I’m a notorious hair abuser: a fake blonde who neglects haircuts and sometimes (used to be often but I swear I am trying) uses hotel shampoo. But I am attempting to do better. And I wonder why no one ever told me to get a better brush. 

My recent move to do better included a silk pillowcase (for skin and hair purposes) plus some new hair serum and the Tangle Teezer. Turns out my whatever brush was ripping my hair out. Very sad. The TT bills itself as follows:

Our prescriptive detangling hairbrushes quickly and gently detangle all hair types with minimum damage, leaving the hair soft and shiny. The long teeth detangle, removing knots, reducing breakage and leaving hair healthier-looking, while the short teeth smooth and leave the hair glossy and frizz-free. It’s as simple as that! 

While this brush is often touted as a wet brush for those with curly/wavy hair, it also does wonders for my fine, silky hair…wet AND dry. Megan in Lakewood gets her own Tangle Teezer to try out.

Thing 8: Sun Bum SPF 50

sun bum spf 50 sunscreen

If you know me, you know I am the sunscreen queen. Never a day without it. It’s my #1 tool for anti-aging and dermatological health. And the perfect sunscreen for me is Sun Bum Original Face SPF 50. Not just for my face, but for all over my body. It’s 3 oz (so almost the maximum size for carry on baggage), plus it’s vegan, fragrance free, reef friendly, and 80 minutes water resistant. 

I love how it dissolves on my skin and how easy it is to apply. Plus, you can purchase it easily at most big drug stores. As with any skin product, there is no perfect universal solution, so do try it out for yourself. Dan in San Francisco can now do just that! 

Reminder: Since March 2020, sunscreen is HSA/FSA reimbursable!

Thing 7: Rapid Home Tests

I am really hoping this is the last Covid related thing on Favorite Things ever. That said, cheers to the Abbott BinaxNOW rapid tests. While PCR tests remain most accurate, their turnaround time can be a hindrance for quick checks. Current studies show rapid tests are more than 80% effective at detecting any level of Covid-19 infection and likely to be more than 90% effective at detecting who is most infectious. 

Before attending a group function and a few days after returning from one, I will take a home test. It takes less than 20 minutes from opening the box to getting results. Lately, I am taking 3-4 tests a month for safety and peace of mind. You can find them at most pharmacies (both in store and online), with the cost typically between $7 and $12 per test (the BinaxNOW tests are sold in 2 pack boxes). While this is not super high, it is extremely annoying because many other countries give away rapid home tests are free or sell them for less than $1. Alas, I am still happy this is an option and hope it continues to be more and more available to anyone who needs them. 

Tests are approved for anyone 2 and up, though samples must be collected by an adult for young children. You can even use a version of this test for travel, but it needs to be purchased with telemedicine capabilities. Having a small indoor get together this winter? Consider asking your guests to swab their shnoz beforehand. My only sister is the lucky recipient of a pack of tests.